Mergând pe strada la Moscova. De la Statia Belorusskiy pîna în Piata Rosie pe Strada Tverskaya

00:23 ➡️ Belorusskiy metro station
01:55 ➡️ Belorusskiy station
05:40 ➡️ Tverskaya Zastava square
10:48 ➡️ 1 Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ulitsa, Tverskaya Zastava
13:15 ➡️ 1 Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ulitsa, Ulitsa Chayanova
14:40 ➡️ 1 Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ulitsa, 2 Tverskoy-Yamskoy Pereulok
16:50 ➡️ 1 Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ulitsa, 1 Tverskoy-Yamskoy Pereulok
17:15 ➡️ Tverskaya Street, Mayakovskaya metro station
19:04 ➡️ Tverskaya Street cross Garden ring, Triumfalnaya Square

🔺 Triumfalnaya Square (former Mayakovsky Square, colloquially Mayakovka) is a public square in the Tverskoy District of the Central Administrative Okrug of Moscow. It is located in the Garden Ring between the Big Garden street, 1st Brest street and 2nd Brest street, 1st Tverskaya Yamskaya street, Armory alley, Building Arc and Tverskaya Street.

21:44 ➡️ Tverskaya Street, Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel
23:10 ➡️ Tverskaya Street, InterContinental Hotel
25:58 ➡️ Tverskaya Street, Nastas’inskiy Pereulok
29:12 ➡️ Tverskaya Street, Pushkin Square

🔺 Pushkinskaya Square or Pushkin Square (Russian: Пу́шкинская пло́щадь) in the Tverskoy District of central Moscow. It was historically known as Strastnaya Square, and renamed for Alexander Pushkin in 1937.

33:04 ➡️ Tverskaya Street, Kozitskiy Pereulok
35:27 ➡️ Tverskaya Street, Glinishchevskiy Pereulok
36:14 ➡️ Tverskaya Street, Tverskaya Ploshchad (square)

🔺 Bronze statue of 12th-century prince & city founder Yuri Dolgorukiy on horseback, unveiled in 1954.

39:42 ➡️ Tverskaya Street, Kamergerskiy Pereulok
40:50 ➡️ Tverskaya Street, Okhotnyy ryad metro station

🔺 Tverskaya Street (Russian: Тверская улица, IPA: [tvʲɪrˈskajə ˈulʲɪt͡sə]), known between 1935 and 1990 as Gorky Street (Russian: улица Горького), is the main radial street in Moscow. The street runs Northwest from the central Manege Square in the direction of Saint Petersburg and terminates at the Garden Ring, giving the name to Tverskoy District. The route continues further as First Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, Leningradsky Avenue and Leningradskoye Highway.


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